Starting 2nd year of uni!

I thought I'd do a little life update/post about uni thing because I'm starting my second year later on this week. 
I can't wait to finaaally go back, after breaking up about 3 months ago and failing to get a job over Summer, you could say I've been a little bored. To say the least. 

My uni building!

I really enjoyed my first year doing Fashion Styling and Promotion, although I really think I could have done better. I put this down to it being something totally new, and I really didn't expect the massive workload I'd have to put in. This year, however, I plan on doing my absolute best because I soooo want to go to Manchester next year!
I learnt a lot from my first year about how much work I need to put in, about university life and beyond, even about myself. All of this learning was as well as the modules of course! 

Unfortunately I still have no idea what specific career I want afterwards, which is SCARY. I know I definitely want to work in fashion somehow, and the fact that I have two years of trying and learning different things in the industry makes me feel a little better about it though. 

Last year I did some brand development stuff and learnt about promotional strategies. These were probably my favourite modules, whereas the modules where I had to make actual clothing garments I enjoyed a lot less. So the way I see it, I'm already narrowing down my preferences for a future career! :)
I also had a module where we learnt about art, which I really wasn't into. But I thought, 'I'm paying thousands of pounds for this course per year, I might as well get the most out of it as I can'. And I'm glad I stuck with it, because in the end it just gave me a better grade than all the ones who didn't bother to turn up to the lectures. 

So yeah, I'm looking forward to learning more, hopefully doing some more styling-related work, and I'm probably going to be blogging about interesting things I'm doing throughout. :)

I know this post was all about me and not exactly providing anything useful to you (the reader), but I always enjoy being nosey and reading peoples personal life posts so I hope you enjoyed reading it too!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm going to be starting my second year as well and I totally know what you mean about being so bored over summer, I literally can't wait to go back. All the best with everything, I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do and be a huge success :)


    1. Thank you so much! That has made my day haha! :)

  2. best of luck with second year! I'm itching to go back to uni now, it's been a loooong summer haha!
    Lovely blog,
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie

    1. Thank you, it sure has! Can't wait haha!