Back to School Haul!

Since I started uni again this week, I decided it was time to have a shopping trip and get some new stuff, yay!
I really tried not to go overboard and spend loads, and I think I did pretty well.


I think I must have spent about an hour in H&M trying on loads of different things and literally looking through every single item. However, I only walked out with two things, this plain grey jumper in large and the BOYS black vest top in small. If you've read some of my older posts, you might know that my absolute favourite thing is big and baggy. Jumpers, tops, shirts, I just love the way they look, so I got this grey jumper because it's so versatile and comfy and casual, but would look great with a statement necklace to jazz it up. 
I also decided on the BOYS vest top, because you may also know that my other favourite thing to wear is black! Once again it's just comfy and casual, but can make a simple outfit like jeans and trainers look more interesting and cool. 


I know some people have an issue with Primark, which is fine, but I've shopped there ever since I first got my own money, and I probably will continue to shop there as long as I'm on a student budget! I tend to find that Primark is great for really cheap jewellery so I stocked up big time! I won't bother describing it all because there is loads and you can see it for yourself. I'm pretty sure every piece of jewellery and the set hair bands were under £3 each so I think that's really good. I also got the hair brush for £1 because my old one was covered in white stuff (probably dry shampoo, anyone got any hairbrush cleaning tips??). 

Clothes wise, I got three vest/cami tops in black, dark red and cobalt blue, very seasonal! These are just simple and versatile, could wear them for casual or more dressed up occasions. They were all under £5 each, and overall in Primark I spent around £30 which I think is very good for all the stuff I got!   

River Island

I went to River Island specifically for these black cut out buckled boots that I am just in love with. I tried the size 4s on, too big, they didn't have any 3s. They also don't have any online. I can not even describe to you how much I needed these shoes and I am just sooooo gutted. :( :( 
If anyone knows of any shoes similar to these for under £50, pleaseeeeeeee tell me!!
To help with the pain, I invested in some high waist light blue jeans. I plan to wear them both for casual uni stuff or with a pair of wedges and maybe one of my new cami tops for a night out!


I had a bit of a liquid eyeliner disaster last weekend, where basically the bottle came open in my new clutch bag and covered the inside pocket in black gunk :( However it happened at a good time, since I've been desperate to try a gel eyeliner!
I hadn't even researched any gel eyeliner products before I went shopping, so I just randomly went for the first one I saw, which was this Barry M Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in No.1 (black). I'm going to do a seperate review on this though just because I think it will be more useful for anyone specifically looking for reviews.

So that's everything! I'm sorry if this was too long and boring, it's my first ever haul post and I wasn't quite sure how to set it out. 
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. love this haul post, there's a similar pair of boots on Choies not sure, how much they are in £'s :)

    Jesslyn xo

    1. omg they are so perfect! but £77 :( thankyou so much anyway for telling me haha!xxx

  2. love this! those jeans are lovely and I too want those shoes! there are some size 3 on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/River-Island-Black-Chunky-Cut-Out-Boots-3-4-5-Vintage-Grunge-Dupe-Of-Coltrane-/221286635309?pt=UK_Women_s_Shoes&hash=item3385b6172d (sorry for the super long link!) which don't finish for a week! and there are also these two: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LADIES-WOMENS-FLAT-LOW-MID-HEEL-CUT-OUT-CHUNKY-BIKER-BUCKLE-BOOT-SHOES-SIZE-/200963328449?pt=UK_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item2eca5909c1

    Which are similar :) I hope this helps :)

    Jemima xxx

    1. Wow you are my best friend right now this is great!! <3 Thank you so much gonna buy the second pair now because I am absolutely rubbish at bidding for stuff haha!