Hebden Bridge and Leeds Swish Event!


Hebden Bridge 

As a part of one of my modules at uni, in a small group of 3 we get to do a window display for a clothing boutique. On Thursday we went to go visit this shop, called Molly and Ginger, and as promised I took some pictures and am going to tell you about it! 
It's in a place called Hebden Bridge, which is apparently the coolest place to live in the UK. 

I'm pretty excited to do my first ever window display! The requirements are pretty specific and don't leave much room for creativity, but I guess that's just experience for how things are with real clients. 

Leeds Swish Event!

Volunteering at the Leeds Swish event was much more fun! We basically had to dress in black and be general helpers, from organising the clothes for the actual swishing, looking after the champagne bar, greeting people at the door, checking tickets and doing other little odd jobs. It also included basically tidying the whole place up after, but it was fun and I'm really glad I did it, as tiring as it was! 
It's a shame I was so busy doing things, because there was apparently some important fashion people there and it would have been nice to meet them and maybe get some business cards or something. 
On the plus side though I'll hopefully get a nice reference from the organiser and can add it to my personal statement for Manchester woo hoo! :) 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Saw your Molly and Ginger one today , I really fancied that green dress !