Starting off: Bronzer!


Starting Off project time! This week the subject is bronzer, and this time I have 3 different products. One is very cheap, one is average priced and one is high end, so something for everyone :)

Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls
I got these from a shop called Bodycare at around £2 each. Which is like, wow, super cheap! If you have a bodycare shop near you, I strongly suggest that you visit it because it sells all sorts of make up, hair stuff, body stuff, and its all REALLY cheap. 
So anyway, the bronzer. I apply this using a big brush on my cheeks, forehead and basically wherever the sun would hit. It's fairly light compared to other bronzers, so it gives a bit of a natural tan look without being orange or whatever. However, because its not dark, it's kinda useless for contouring and stuff. 

Rimmel Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze
*I just went on the Superdrug website and couldn't even find this paticular one, but the Rimmel Match Perfection in Medium looks pretty similar*
As you can tell by the picture, this bronzer was well loved. It's pretty much impossible to use anymore, but it was definitely my favourite bronzer! It was quite dark, but suited my skin tone at the same time so it didn't look ridiculous. I only ever used this on my cheeks for contouring my cheek bones, and it did the job well! I applied this using either a sort of medium or small sized brush. 

MAC Studio Fix in NW35
Okay yeah, I know this isn't actually a bronzer. Whatever. It's currently darker than my skintone and I've been using it as a temporary replacement for my Rimmel one. So I thought I might as well include it. I already talked about this pretty in depth on my foundation post.

I made a diagram of where I usually apply my bronzer. The light bit is the Bronzing Pearls and the dark bit is the Rimmel bronzer.

Ok it's not the best diagram in the world (I don't put bronzer on my ears) but hopefully you get the idea! 

If you have any questions or anything, don't hesitate to comment below or tweet me at @perpetual_style :)

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Your photos are so cute and its so smart using a powder darker than your skin tone as bronzer ! :O


    1. Thanks:) Yeah it's only a temporary solution but it works pretty well! x

  2. I like that you've been using a dark foundation as a bronzer! It's a good idea actually to use one for contouring if you accidentally buy a shade too dark! xx

    1. Yeah true, I definitely didn't want it to go to waste at that price and it works just the same as a bronzer really! xx

  3. Great post. Just shows that you can use products in a different way to what they were intended for!


    1. Thank you, yeah it really came in handy! x

  4. The only negative side about doing a product based project is the products are never new and shiny! However, the positive thing about it is that I can totally see which products you've been using and what you've been loving. Makes the reviews very trustworthy. :) the diagram you made is very useful. X

    Beauty from the Fjord