Back to uni!


So I went back to uni yesterday and found out about one of my modules for this term, and I could not be happier! I thought I would tell you all about it because I'm just so excited :) 

I get to style 3 different outfits for a trend that I have chosen, source a model and do our own photoshoot, then create a proper hardback lookbook with editorial! It's hopefully going to look really good and professional, then I can take it to my interview at Manchester (if I get one) and they will be like, 'wow, we need her on our course!' (not likely). 
I am literally so excited to get started, I can't believe this is even work because it sounds so fun. I already decided on a grunge/military theme because it's pretty current as a main A/W trend, and it's also a look that I personally really love. 

The best thing about this module is that it's basically given me an excuse to buy all the expensive grungey clothes I've had my eye on!

Also as part of the course, I'm going to Hebden Bridge on Thursday as part of my live brief, which apparently is the coolest place to live in the UK. Then after I've been there, I'm going to Leeds to volunteer at a Swish charity clothes swapping event. So hopefully I'm going to take some pictures and tell you all about it!

Thanks for reading!

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