Starting Off: Eyeliner

Just in case you were wondering, I didn't take part in last weeks SO Project because it was mascara week, and I only have one mascara. And I don't even know what brand it is. 
However, this week is eyeliner, which is great because I love a bit of eyeliner!!

I am currently using two different eyeliners, and they're both the best eyeliners I've ever owned so it should be a good one!

The first one is this MUA eyeliner in Jet Black. I find that with pencil eyeliners, you don't really get a wide range of ones that are top quality and ones that are rubbish.
The reason why I think this particular one is so great is because it comes with a sharpener lid!!!! Who thought of this genius idea? Why don't all eyeliners have one??
Anyway, it's super super useful for when I forget or loose my sharpener (which I do all the time), and is just convenient.
As for quality, it's pretty soft and goes on smoothly leaving a pretty dark/intense colour. 
Did I mention it's only £1??


You can wear this on your waterline, but I choose not to because I think it makes my eyes look loads smaller! Instead, I usually do a line right next to my top lash line then smudge it in a bit, then go over it again with another line.
Then I do a short line underneath my eye, at the side that's not next to my nose (if you get me?).
Basically what I aim for is a really toned down smoky eye look. 

My second eyeliner is the Barry B Gel Eyeliner in black, which I've written a detailed review about here.
I use this for my winged liner look, which I do quite often. Nearly every day actually, and after using many various different liquid liners I can say this one is 100% better!
It's so much easier to use and looks loads better too.


This comes with a brush inside the lid that you can turn around and put on the other end, which gives it a longer handle and is easier to use. The brush is very flat and thin, which means you can do both thick lines and thin lines neatly and easily. For a day to day look, I create a thin line across my lid then make it slightly thicker towards the end and then flick it upwards slightly.

For a night time look, I create a much thicker line across my lid and a bigger flick too. I also tend to join the flick to my under eye too, just for a more dramatic look and to make my eyes look bigger! I usually wear eyelashes too when I do it like this.

That's it! If you have any questions or anything, please comment below and I will reply to everyone!
Check out #theSOproject on twitter too :) 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post!!! loved the example sketches that you included :)

    Sophie xxx


  2. Love the eyeliner shape pics - so cute and clear!

    Rebecca x

  3. Great post, I too love a good eyeliner but I prefer the liquid ones, longer lasting and most evident.

    TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves
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    1. I used to prefer liquid, but after using a this one I find them messy and loads more difficult to use compared to gel x