OOTD - Girls Night In!

Just a quick outfit of the day post - I feel like I haven't posted anything proper for a while (probably because for the past few days I've been sat in my bedroom doing nothing/being hungover/feeling unmotivated) so here you go.

Obviously nothing too fashionable, my night will probably consist of eating too much pizza and chatting about drunken shenanigans.

Ok I have many excuses for this picture. For a start no one was home so I had to balance the camera precariously on many different objects and self time it. Plus my hair is not dry and for some reason I look like a giant next to that bookcase. So after about 300 unfocused pictures and 200 pictures without my head in it, this was the best I could do!

I'm wearing these black zip leggings, Primark black boots and an old blue shirt size L. 

This is the make up I'm wearing!

Thanks for reading :) 

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    Great post, you look so pretty here!

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    Thank you :) xoxo