October Favourites

Hellooo welcome to my October favourites! I know it's 6 days late, but I've been busy busy so here it is now :)
As usual going to split it up into fashion, beauty and etc. things! 


I've bought loads of new stuff this month so I have a lot to choose from! If I had to pick only two things, I would choose my New Look paisley print kimono (also featured on my October wishlist!) and my Primark dark blue and black trousers. 
The kimono is great for adding a bit of extra jazz to an otherwise boring outfit, and the trousers I just looove! They're great for both uni and work, plus they're pretty comfy too. 


I haven't bought any new beauty things this month, however I opened a new GOSH eyebrow pen that I bought ages ago and re-fell in love with it! It's not a new product to me, but my old one eventually started running out and the nib went funny, so when I opened my new one it was like a whole new product! I love this eyebrow pen! I did a detailed review about it here.


Made In Chelsea started again this month! It's one of my favourite things to watch on TV, I love all the drama and also looking at all the clothes they are wearing haha!
Also (more importantly) The Walking Dead also started again! This is my FAVOURITE series of all time, I watch it religiously and its so gooood! If you don't know, it's about how a group of people survive after the zombie apocalypse occurs, so if a bit of gorey stuff doesn't bother you then I definitely 100% recommend!!!!!

That's it for my October favourites! Thanks for readingg :)


  1. Haven't visited this blog for a while! I am Loving the kimono, im intrigued about how that eyebrow pen worked for you, i'll have to read your review!

    Jess xxxxxx

    1. I love the eyebrow pen, I've used it every single day since July! xxx

  2. I'm obsessed with the Walking Dead too! X


  3. in love with your kimono! such a great piece to take you from summer to autumn!


  4. love your kimono!its such a nice print!im now following you lovely blog:)