Holiday Wishlist


I've already spent soooo much money on things for my holiday this summer, but it's just never enough!! These are just a few more things that I want need before I go..

I didn't realise how monochrome this list was until I put it all together!

1. SheInside Black Drawstring Lace Shorts
SheInside have soooo many nice shorts in at the minute, it was hard to just pick one pair that I want! But I'm really into drawstring shorts right now, and I love how these have the little girly touch of lace too. And pockets! On holiday I would probably wear these for a night out with a crop top.

2. Dolly Rocka Silver Floral Arm Cuff
I reaally want an upper arm bracelet/cuff because I don't have one, and I think they just look so cool and finish off an outfit perfectly. This particular one is from ASOS boutique 'Dolly Rocka', but I bet it would be really easy to make one myself out of fabric or something!

3. SheInside Embroidery Sheer Lace Dress
I think this is absolutely perfect for a holiday - I would probably wear it just over my bikini for walking around during the day, or over the top of a bralet and shorts for the night. It's so versatile too, I could wear it over a black slip dress with heels for a more classy look too.

4. ASOS White Platform Heels
I LOVE THESE! I think they look sooo cute on, and they are really in this summer too! I would definitely wear them on a night out for my holiday, as I wouldn't want to be walking around in heels during the day. The heel isn't too big though, so they would be comfy!

5. Apricot Crochet Tassel Vest
I just think this is super summery, I love how it looks kind of hippie/boho style with all the layers of tassels and crochet sections. I could definitely get away with this for either day or night, pairing it with either some denim shorts or a skort.

So that concludes my holiday wishlist! What's your favourite item, and what are you wanting for your holiday this year?? Let me know below!

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