OOTD - Wedding Outfit!

I went to my cousins wedding on Saturday, and I knew I'd have to go shopping because I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear (as usual). However, I am a student and buying expensive wedding outfits isn't really in my budget, so when I went to shopping I headed straight to H&M and Primark to see if I could find anything. And I did! I think I did pretty well, altogether I spent around £25 on the skirt, top and hair accessory.

Skirt: Internacionale £14.99

Top: H&M £9 (I bought the top in a store in Leeds, but it isn't on the website)
Shoes: New Look £12.99 (Got these ages ago)
Flower Hairclip: Primark (I can't remember how much this was either, probably 2 or 3 pounds knowing Primark)
Clutch: Primark £3

Just one more thing - the wedding was at Packington Moor Farm in Lichfield, and it was such a cute, beautiful place to have a wedding. The whole place was just exposed brickwork and wooden beams and gardens, I loved it!
Thanks for reading :)

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