Barry M vs. GOSH eyebrow pen!

GOSH versus Barry M eyebrow pen review
Hi! So as promised, I'm going to compare my trusty GOSH eyebrow pen with the Barry M Brow Pen. 
I've been using the GOSH pen for about a month, before then I had only ever used pencils and powder. However, I wanted something with a little more definition and longer lasting, so I'm now on a hunt for a pen that is cheap-ish and actually works. Here goes!

GOSH eyebrow pen review
barry m eyebrow pen review

I bought the GOSH pen in the colour 'dark brown', and the Barry M one only has one shade which, coincidentally, is also dark brown.

The first thing I noticed was the Barry M pen was 3ml whereas the GOSH one was only 1.2ml, which I thought was great considering the Barry M one is actually cheaper.

A disadvantage of the GOSH pen is that because, the nib is long and thin, it does this bendy thing when you try to apply it. This makes doing the corners of your eyebrow a bit more difficult.
I figured that because the nib of the Barry M one is thicker, it would be a lot easier to apply and wouldn't go bendy like the GOSH one did.

GOSH versus barry m eyebrow pen review swatches

These are the colour swatches. The top one is Barry M and the bottom one is GOSH. I've done each one on it's point of the nib, then on the side for a thicker line, then I layered them to see how dark they would go.
As you can see, the Barry M one is a lot darker, almost black, whereas the GOSH one is a more natural brown colour. But I guess it depends on your hair colour or what look you're going for.

gosh eyebrow pen review

Okay first of all, sorry for the creepy eye pictures. 
Secondly, as you can tell, my eyebrows are pretty sparse. Which is why I'm on the search for a go-to product! 

The top one is GOSH and the bottom one is Barry M. This is where the problems with Barry M shone through. Almost straight away, the end of the nib had gone dry and I had to apply it all using the side of the pen instead. It also did that thing where it kept rubbing away the part I had already done, like on a whiteboard when you go over the dry bits with a pen and it comes off. 
Does anyone even know what I mean by that?? Probably not. 
Anyway, it made the whole application process difficult and it took AGES. Whereas with the GOSH pen it pretty much went smoothly. I personally usually put on two layers of the GOSH pen because it isn't quite dark enough for me, but even so it still took less than half the time it took for me to put the Barry M one on. 
And yes, I did store it tip facing down! Grr. 

Also wearing the natural collection tinted moisturiser, MAC studio fix powder in NW35, urban decay eyeshadow 'Bootycall', Topshop lipstick 'Ohh La La'

The whole stress of actually getting the pen to work made me unable to concentrate on making my eyebrows look even, as you can see in this picture above. (Barry M on the right) It looked like a child had drawn it on. 

This has been a super long post, but I just want to make a quick list of pro's and con's.

  • Applies easily
  • More natural colour
  • Comes in more colours
  • Lasts all day and night
  • More expensive (£6.49 from Superdrug)
  • 1.2ml
  • Bendy nib
Barry M
  • 3ml
  • Cheaper (£4.99 from Superdrug)
  • Thicker nib
  • Lasts all day
  • Only comes in one colour
  • Basically impossible to apply without having a breakdown
  • Have to store it facing top down
Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. OMG how dark is that Barry M one?! It might as well be a board pen or something! I've been wondering if the GOSH one was worth a shot, and after reading this I guess it is :D xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  2. Wow, I really love the result of this pen! The brows look so defined and yet quite natural :)