Starting Off: Lipstick

Oh my god, there's only one more #theSOproject left after this one!

This week is lipstick, and I don't have that much lipstick variety in my make up bag. I pretty much only own Barry M lipsticks in fact haha! I also only own one lipgloss that I got for free. 
The reason for this is that I only really like matte lipstick, I'm really not keen on shiny lipstick or lipgloss because it just doesn't suit me. And the Barry M ones are so cheap!

So this is my collection...

I do actually wear every single one of these, but you can tell which ones are used most! I have a neutral/nude coloured lip most often because I think it suits me best. Although I'm super jealous of people who can pull off more fun coloured lipsticks! :(

The Barry M ones all have a matte finish. They are pretty drying, and if I wear them for ages with out any lip balm they make my lips chapped. They are great for a night out though (which is nearly the only time I wear them anyway), because they stay put all night without getting all over my glass and have really strong pigmentation.

My Kate Moss one (107) is less matte, but it definitely isn't shiny! It's my first ever dark lipstick, bought especially for this Autumn :) This one feels a lot nicer and softer on my lips, but it does come off more easily. 
I also have a shiny-ish orange one but I'm not sure what brand it is and a Topshop one which I love and don't wear enough! It's a pinky orange colour in shade Ohh La La. 

So my one lipgloss is one that I got for free at the Clothes Show Live, it's Rimmel Stay Glossy and I can't say I've worn it even once. I do however, own a Babylips lipbalm! I don't know if this counts because it's a balm not a gloss, but I'm going to include it anyway because I wear this every day. I've done a bit of a review of it here (aswell as a bit of a review of the Kate Moss lipstick)! 

I'd give some advice or tips like I usually do, but I think with lipstick there are no rules - it's all about what you think looks best on yourself, what colours you like and feel comfortable wearing. 

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Thanks for reading! :)