How to Style: A/W '13 Grunge!

I know that 'grunge' is one of the main trends coming up this Autumn/Winter, so as a styling student I thought I'd create some looks based on this idea! Instead of putting together a fully grunge outfit, I've just taken different elements from the trend and applied them to different styles: girly, casual, everyday, night out and smart. Enjoy!

Grunge girly

With this look, I wanted to show how you can still look girly and cute, while still using ideas from the grunge trend. The main things here being the jewellery and the chunky black wedges. 

Grunge girly 2

This is similar to the previous one, it's still pretty girly but I think it incorporates more of a punky look with the chequered pinafore dress. 

Grunge casual

I really love this look because it's definitely something you could wear to uni or college. And what's more grungey than a bomber jacket and chunky black boots?

Grunge going out

In this night out look I wanted it to look dark and sexy, the black boot heels and dark red lippy are perfect for this! I included the gel liner because I think an eye-flick would totally complete this. 

Grunge formal

What's both smart and grunge? I know - black, black and more black! I love every single item on this, but I think its definitely the shirt and the dark purple lipstick that makes this fit in the the trend.

So what do you think? Which is your favourite look? Do you think they match the grunge trend?
Let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, I'm not a fashion blogger butyou're blog is so cute so I'm following anyway! :)

  2. Love all these takes on grunge! Great post, I think casual/girly is my fave!
    Alex x

    1. Thanks! I think it's probably my fave too!

  3. Hey, great post! Love the 'smart grunge' best :) Just started following you x


  4. Wow, these outfits you've put together look amazing! Loving the grunge style :) x

    Beauty from the Fjord

  5. Thanks, I wish I could own them :') x

  6. These outfits so so amazing, definitely going to be taking some tips from here when I next have money to go shopping :D